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Low Carbon Life - Travel

Low Carbon Life - Travel

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Low Carbon Life - Travel


  • classification: GOGO Information
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  • Release time:2023-08-29
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     The continuous growth of motor vehicles has brought great pressure to the urban environment and road smoothness.

The sky is bluer, the water is clearer, and everyone yearns for it!

Green travel, energy saving and emission reduction are everyone's responsibility!

Andnbsp; Green travel plays an important role in energy conservation and emission reduction. Only by continuously improving the level of green travel can we better help the realization of the "double carbon" goal.

01. Why advocate green travel?

                      Carbon peak carbon neutrality, "low-carbon life" and other environmental issues have attracted much attention, so who has the highest emissions?

High fuel consumption car>aircraft>medium fuel consumption car>low fuel consumption car>train>ship>bus>subway

                                          Among them, road traffic accounts for about 80% of the carbon emissions of the entire transportation industry. Therefore, energy saving and carbon reduction are in every travel choice we make.


                      Many people's attitude towards life, and green travel, makes the concept of environmental protection deeply rooted in people's minds, and also allows many environmental protection work to be carried out smoothly.

02. Choice of green travel mode

         It is imperative for us to protect the environment. At present, people are more and more inclined to choose green travel. So, what are the ways of green travel? Walking, cycling, green transportation, new means of transportation, etc., there is always one that suits you!

Green travel - running

Running is also a good choice for close work or going out.

The frequency and efficacy of heart beating during running are greatly improved. Aerobic running will not only consume excess fat in the body, but also avoid chronic diseases such as "three highs". At the same time, it can also inhibit the secretion of adrenaline and cortisol, two hormones that cause tension. At the same time, it can release "endorphins" that make people feel relaxed, eliminate your EMO emotions, and use gentle running to "support" the environment. .

Green Travel - Bicycle

If the place of work is not far from the place of residence, cycling is a way for everyone to have the opportunity to get closer to the city. While riding, you can also feel the beauty of the city and the closeness to nature, which can make us change from a busy day. Take a break from work to release stress and fatigue.

Green Travel - Public Transport

If the travel distance is a little longer, implement "Bus Priority", and you and I can take the bus together, which can also make more effective use of road resources, reduce road traffic congestion, and help the city run smoothly. Nowadays, new energy buses are launched in various cities. The buses that shuttle through the streets and alleys of the city can't see a trace of black smoke or smell any exhaust. The new energy buses are comfortable to ride, with low noise, zero emission and environmental protection during operation. Sex is more prominent.

03. Green Travel Tips

If the destination is within 1km, choose to walk as much as possible, if within 3km, choose to ride a bicycle as much as possible, and if within 5km, take public transportation as much as possible.

If you are a "car owner", it is recommended to drive less than one day a week and use public transportation for low-carbon travel as much as possible; You drive environmentally friendly, civilized driving, and orderly parking.

We are always eager to live under the blue sky, breathe fresh air, and enjoy the beauty that nature brings us. Choose low-carbon and environmentally friendly travel, especially for short-term travel, it is recommended to pack lightly to help save energy and reduce emissions. Let us move forward from every detail to a new era of green travel!

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