Person in charge of electric vehicles discuss personally 2023-08-15 Detail
Work location :Xiamen City, Fujian Province department:hardware development Years of service:1-3 years 学        历: Recruiting Numbers:1

Job Responsibilities:

1. Good moral character, love the electric vehicle maintenance service industry

2. Have good professionalism and ethics

3. Understand the principles of electric vehicles (circuits, motors, vehicle structures, etc.)

4. Proficient in electric vehicle maintenance

5. Have a research understanding of electric vehicle accessories and product quality.


1. Responsible, patient, dedicated to work

2. Can bear hardships and stand hard work, have strong communication and management skills

3. Timely complete other tasks assigned by superior leaders

4. Have more than five years of working experience, and can accept long-term business trips (abroad)

R&D technical director discuss personally 2023-08-15 Detail
Work location :Xiamen City, Fujian Province department:R & D department Years of service:over 5 years 学        历:Bachelor degree or above Recruiting Numbers:1

Job Responsibilities:

1. Participate in system demand research and demand analysis, and discuss and select related technical solutions

3. Responsible for system development testing, deployment and integration, and project-related technical problems


1. Bachelor degree or above in computer-related majors, at least 5 years of work experience and independent project experience are required.

2. Proficiency in data structure, design pattern, multi-threading and other related knowledge and related libraries, proficiency in the design of distributed and high-concurrency systems

3. Proficient in MySoL/Oracle and its tuning

5. Familiar with middleware such as Nginx, Redis, Elasticsearch, MQ, Nacos.Rabbitmq;

6. Familiar with Javascript, Vue, Element and other front-end frameworks

7. Familiar with the CI/CD process, skilled in using Linux common commands

8. Participated in the implementation of large and complex distributed systems, and can independently undertake background system design, development, commissioning and other tasks

9. Experience in shared travel platforms is preferred

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