About Us

About Us


      Based in Thailand and radiating to Southeast Asia, it is committed to applying the dividends of digital technology and building a professional local travel and life service platform. Use technology to promote the evolution of travel and provide people with more convenient travel and low-carbon life.

Leading a team

The Operation Leadership Team is the company's highest management and decision-making body, and also the company's largest responsible body, which undertakes the important task of leading the company's development and long-term construction.

  • Yang Zhimin

    Co-founder and CEO of GOGO

    Co-founder and CEO of GOGO. Mr. Yang Zhimin has worked in many famous companies. After co-founding GOGO, he assisted the CEO to take charge of the overall management of shared electric vehicles in Thailand, and has developed all the way here.


-Corporate Philosophy-

True social responsibility is embedded in the business model.We evaluate the value of the business from the perspective of the whole society and think about the future development direction.We always believe that the sustainability of the business model is the basis for the practice of social responsibility.Industrial ecosystem partners are one of GOGO's most important stakeholders.

Protect employee health and ensure employee benefits

Establish the ISO180001 system and always pay attention to the occupational health and safety of employees. Pay attention to the growth of each employee, through system construction and humanistic care, design each employee's career plan with both rigidity and softness, and help realize it. The company has established a dual-channel employee qualification management system, a promotion and elimination mechanism, an internal talent market and other mechanisms to ensure that employees are recognized while conducting fair competition, achieving promotion based on ability and rewards based on contribution; enabling employees to develop into business partners and pushers of change .


Pay taxes according to law, operate legally, and be honest and honest to ensure that the products are genuine.

develop philanthropy

Actively participate in social welfare activities such as poverty alleviation and charitable donations in the society, and better shoulder social responsibilities.

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